Global, remote-sensing supported environmental layers for assessing status and trends in biodiversity, ecosystems, and climate

Global 1,5,10,100-km Topography

Topographic variation underpins a myriad of patterns and processes in hydrology, climatology, geography and ecology and is key to understanding the variation of life on the planet. We provide a fully standardized and global multivariate product of different terrain features has the potential to support many large-scale research applications. The product is based on the digital elevation model products of global 250 m GMTED2010 and near-global 90 m SRTM4.1dev. We provide the following topographic variables: elevation, slope, aspect, eastness, northness, roughness, terrain roughness index, topographic position index, vector ruggedness measure, profile/tangential curvature, first/second order partial derivative, and 10 geomorphological landform classes. Each variable is provided at different aggregations from 1, 5, 10, 50 to 100 km spatial grains.

Amatulli, G., Domisch, S., Tuanmu, M.-N., Parmentier, B., Ranipeta, A., Malczyk, J., and Jetz, W. (2018) A suite of global, cross-scale topographic variables for environmental and biodiversity modeling. Scientific Data volume 5, Article number: 180040. DOI: doi:10.1038/sdata.2018.40.

Derived topographic continuous variables

Derived topographic categorical variables